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I love Magpies, I think they are one of our most beautiful and charasmatic birds. I don’t believe in any of that superstitious twoddle and think they get a lot of bad press (undeservedly)!Yes, they may take chicks but that’s … Continue reading

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New Menu

Well, I’ve tried everything today… cheese… coconut… apple… seed… nuts… raisins…. the birds have more of a selection than I do! I had a couple of the Chaffinches come back (though fleetingly!), and the Robin was still doing his Hummingbird … Continue reading

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Pocket Rockets!

Why does it always seem there’s about 50 Coal Tits in the garden, when there is in fact just 3?They’re like miniature rockets zipping everywhere! Can’t complain though, they’re about the only regular visitor we have at the moment (of … Continue reading

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Where are they?

Has anybody else noticed a shortage of activity at the feeders this weekend? I don’t know if the birds know something I don’t but the only activity on the feeders this weekend has been the ever reliable Robin!Not a titter … Continue reading

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The Onset of Autumn

Yesterday had a definite autumnal feel to it, grey and cold – every time a bird landed in the trees, leaves or twigs came falling to the floor. I think the birds also felt it being as they never left … Continue reading

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