Baby sparrow

One set of House Sparrows have fledged and are doing well – these were the ones in our recycled container nest box.

House sparrow fledgling being fed
Feed me!

The Blue Tits have also fledged but unfortunately I haven’t seen them properly! I can hear them in the trees but they are so well hidden, which of course is a good thing. Below is the only shot I managed to take when they ventured out of the nest straight into the brambles & undergrowth. If you look really carefully through the brambles you can just make out the blurry blob of 2 baby Blueys (1 is in the middle & 1 is in the top left corner) πŸ™‚

Baby Blue Tits hiding in undergrowth
Baby Blue Tits hiding in there somewhere!

The Starlings have had a good year so far. There is a flock of around 20 flying around with youngsters, very noisily! The field at the back was mowed 2 day ago and the Starlings loved it! I assume there are loads of delicious bugs & beetles for them to feed on…

starlings feeding in the field

The bungalow we live in has a small flat-roofed extension at the back which is in an L-shape, so we can see the flat roof when we look out of the bedroom window. How excited was I yesterday evening when I looked out and saw 4 fledged Swallows all lined up on the flat roof! Of course, by the time I ran to the other room to get my camera only 1 was still there… but that was fine with me πŸ™‚

baby swallow
Baby swallow

I’m yet to see fledged Great Tits, Greenfinches or Goldfinches but I know they’re around somewhere…