For the past month the farmer has let the field at the back of us grow – there have been no cows on it, no mowing, nothing… and it’s turned into a beautiful haven for the bees, butterflies & birds. It also gave the rabbits good shelter from the Buzzards.

field of wildflowers & grasses

I was delighted and really hoped that the farmer had left it deliberately like that as his way of helping nature/wildlife. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be, and at the beginning of last week it was mowed πŸ™

cut field

On the plus side though, the machine couldn’t get into the corner nearest to us and so a “wild patch” was left. This looked really nice next to the freshly cut field…

patch of uncut field
uncut bit of field

I suppose one of the positives of the newly cut grass was that it provided ample food for the big flock of Starlings (adults + juveniles), Blackbirds and Thrushes πŸ™‚


And it means the Buzzards will now have a clear view of the rabbits & hares that venture into the field.


After a few days, the cows were back and our “wild” corner was turned into a muddy, trodden mess. The Swallows loved the cows being back though & followed them around eating the flies that they disturbed.

I can’t grumble as it is interesting to see all the different birds that the field supports at various stages of its growth… and our own wildflower area is coming along nicely which hopefully will attract more bees & butterflies πŸ™‚