soil ready for planting

After the lovely weather we had over Easter, we were hoping the weekend after would be just as nice… unfortunately it wasn’t!

The seeds arrived by the end of the week, just in time for planting – we hadn’t expected Storm Hannah to also be here though, so Saturday ended up being a bit of a washout!

Sunday afternoon wasn’t too bad though so we set about marking the areas for the different varieties of wildflowers that we’d ordered.

Rainbow mix wildflower seeds
Rainbow mix wildflower seeds
Close up shot of wildflower seeds
Close up of the seeds… aren’t they lovely!

The plan was to have a carpet of Borage with wildflowers woven in between. However, we decided to just have separate areas instead.

Areas marked for planting
Separate areas marked with sand

So, we have sections for Borage, Cosmos, Rainbow wildflower mix.

Area marked B (for Borage)
“b” = Borage
Area marked for Rainbow wildflower mix
“R” = Rainbow Mix
Area marked for Cosmos
“C” = Cosmos
Area marked for Borage & Rainbow wildflower mix
Area marked for Rainbow wildflower mix

We also have an area of ornamental grasses which will grow around the old tree stump among the Daffodils.

daffodils and grass seeds
Grass seeds planted among the daffs

We’ve moved the bird pole with the feeders up to the other end of the garden, hoping that will keep the birds at the far end away from the seeds! We’ll just have to wait and see what comes up now… the worst part of this whole gardening malarkey for me!