Open for business!

Hello again – how are we all?

After a loooong 6 weeks of not feeding the birds, I’m happy to say that “Chez Shazza” is open for business :)

We’ve had a complete clean-up of the garden, chopped back straggly bushes, planted veg and stocked up on all bird food, and the feeders went out last weekend!

The House Sparrows were the first ones back & very welcome they were too! Four days in and it’s as though they never went away :)   Unfortunately I wish the same could be said for the rest.  The Blue Tits completely disappeared, as has the Robin – which I’m deeply disappointed about as it took so long for him to find the garden last year :(

A couple of Coal Tits have been flitting around the bushes though, grabbing tiny insects, and we still have the Starlings – a couple of them have started nesting in our roof & it’s quite fun to watch them collecting bits of dried grass & long twigs.

Due to the lack of smaller birds in the garden, we’ve opened up the nest box to the largest size hole, so Sparrows can now get in.  Fingers crossed, something will take an interest in it – so far nothing has, apart from a Blackbird landing on top of it & using it as a lookout perch whilst his missus fed in the garden ;)

Oh, I almost forgot, we have a pair of Goldfinches down every day feeding on the nyger seed too, so that’s always lovely to see!  I don’t think the Redpolls will be back though – not sure where they go, probably to the fields.

We’ve also packed all the fluff from the tumble dryer into a fat square feeder for the birds to use as nesting material – they are loving it!  The Coal Tits keep grabbing bits from it, and this morning I caught a Sparrow helping herself to large pieces of it & flying off, presumably to her nest.

Don’t you just love Spring :)


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9 Responses to Open for business!

  1. warren says:

    whey hey! Give it a week and they will be back Shazza, maybe not in big numbers, as they are feeding on insects mostly now. What a good idea to use the tumble dryer fluff :-) I must try it!

  2. ShySongbird says:

    Welcome back Sharon!

    Now I wish I had a tumble dryer :) Oh well, human and animal hair is popular as well.

    I’m sure all the regulars will find you again in time.

  3. Shazza says:

    Thanks Warren & ShySongbird – you’re right hair works just as well as tumble dryer fluff :)
    I hope you’re right in that the regulars will return, I do miss them!

  4. Chris says:

    Well we do love spring but we do not have it yet ;-) Nice spring cleaning!

  5. Cliff says:

    Good garden. Glad to see feeding has resumed. I’m envious of the Brambling and Blackcaps. Never seen the first and Blackcaps don’t seem to like my garden, though they are reasonably frequent in the in-laws’ garden in Kilmacud, Dublin. They’re agressive little cuties, though.

  6. Shazza says:

    Chris / Cliff – thanks for the comments – glad you like the garden!
    I work from home so it’s nice to have a little haven to disappear to for a break :)
    Cliff – I saw a Brambling for the first time this winter, I was over the moon :) Also love Blackcaps, although the pair that was in our garden have disappeared – keep putting out banana though in the hope they’ll return.

  7. siobhan says:

    fluff in the feeder is a great idea. Your garden looks great.

  8. What a great idea about the fluff. Never thought to do that. Might save mine up for Spring (it’s winter where I am).

  9. Shazza says:

    Thanks for dropping by Kathie :)
    Fluff is great for the nests! They also like hair – my partner shaved his hair the other week & put clumps of it out – the Jackdaws loved it :)

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