And then there were none….

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been a bit slack.  Since the last post, another 2 Chaffinches fell victim to Trichomonosis and a Linnet also succumbed to it, which is really sad as that’s not even what I would call a garden bird :(

So, after consulting the RSPB website, we’ve followed their advice and stopped all feeding.

At the moment there are no feeders in the garden – we’ve completely emptied it & it breaks my heart to see them all perched on top of the hedge looking round for food!  I’ve never known the garden to be so quiet.

I suppose the one good thing is that the sunnier weather has arrived and there are noticeably more midges/flies around.  I’m hoping all affected birds will be gone by the end of March so we can start feeding again in time for the breeding/nesting season.

Until then, I’ll just have to stop looking out of the window :(

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8 Responses to And then there were none….

  1. warren says:

    A very sad story Shazza. I’m sure you’re doing the right thing, the birds will fend for themselves for a few weeks ok. :-)

  2. Shazza says:

    Thanks Warren – I know they’ll be fine really – just me being silly ;)

  3. ShySongbird says:

    What a shame you are still having problems in the garden Sharon, it really is a horrible disease! I hope it soon disappears and that things get back to normal before long.

  4. Shazza says:

    Thanks ShySongbird – the only good thing is that it’s given us a reason to completely tidy the garden up, cut back bushes etc and make it nicer for when we can feed them again :)

  5. Chris says:

    Wow I did not see this…. I hope the garden visitors are getting better and that you are getting rid off this disease!

  6. Yoke says:

    Sorry to hear this, Shazza.

    It is a trial to get through. We had our Gang of House Sparrows all but a few wiped out in the autumn & winter of 2007/08. We lost many Finches too, in those long months. I too stopped feeding, but it took for ages to eradicate it completely. your birds are in a much better position, timewise. I did keep small shells of fat for the Tits. We were stunned that despite being left with just a couple of males, they had a very good breeding season in the season of 2008.

    With more people in the village feeding birds now, I hold my breath everytime I see Finches/Sparrows. We don’t control hygiene in other gardens, unfortunately.
    Some Corvids, like Jackdaws, can get infected too, btw.

    And don’t worry, they’ll be back.

  7. Cliff says:

    Nice Blog , Shazza.

    Do you find a smaller number of birds and wildlife here in Ireland? I always get the feeling that despite the larger population and more roads etc., that there are more wildlife and greater variety in the UK.

  8. Shazza says:

    Hi Cliff,
    Thanks for dropping by! Your comment was mixed up with all the spam so apologies for not replying sooner!
    In answer to your question, I find there is a lack of numbers in birds/wildlife over here. When I first moved to Ireland 4 yrs ago, I was surprised at the lack of knowledge / interest there was in wildlife, and couldn’t even buy bird food during the 1st summer here! I ended up ordering bulk load from back home :)
    Having said that, I’ve seen an increase in local interest over the last couple of years, and am very pleased to say that Woodies now stock supplies all year round!
    I think the number of bird species is gradually increasing (breeding Woodpeckers a great example), I’m hoping a Nuthatch will make it over next as I’ve never seen one ;)
    The re-introduction of Red Kites / White Tailed Eagles / Golden Eagles is fantastic, just a shame about the ignorant amongst us that have to poison these great birds of prey, but that’s a problem worldwide, not just here.
    Anyway, thanks for visiting & I’ve linked to yours now, so I can see your photos :)

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