Ill or just cold?

This is a bit of an unusual post as I’m hoping someone will help with a query.  There is a Chaffinch that comes into the garden every day.  She is unusually plump to say the least :) It’s as though she is plumped out to keep warm but I’ve never seen her “normal” size.  I’m a bit worried that it might be a growth or illness or something that’s making her this size.  Below are some photos – pretty poor ones, I’m afraid as they were taken through slatted blinds!  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of her next to another bird for comparison, but she is big! (click on the photos to enlarge them if you wish).

She seems to be feeding okay, and flying doesn’t seem to be an issue – is she just fluffing herself up to keep warm or does she look like there’s something wrong with her?

(Feel a bit like an over-protective mother now! ;) )

Changing the subject completely, the Brambling is still here – too embarrassed to post the photos though :)

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9 Responses to Ill or just cold?

  1. ShySongbird says:

    Oh dear, it looks like it might have that horrible finch disease (trichomonosis) Sharon. I hope someone will say I’m wrong but it does look like it could possibly be that to me.

    I still haven’t managed a decent photo of my Brambling yet!

  2. Shazza says:

    Thanks ShySongbird – I was thinking that but was hoping someone would say it was just cold :(
    Just had a look on the RSPB website and it looks like I may have to stop feeding the birds for a while then… :(

  3. Phil Sharp says:

    It doesn’t look too great Sharon. Funnily enough I had a Great Tit in my garden yesterday that looked exactly the same but was also feeding OK. Haven’t seen it today though:-(

  4. warren says:

    Looks like she’s ill Shazza :-( It may not be terminal though. Ive seen house sparrows look like this and revive at a later date. ( they were colour ringed so I knew which was which!)

  5. Shazza says:

    Thanks guys – Warren you say it may not be terminal, should I stop feeding the birds do you reckon? Its strange cos she feeds by herself, other birds are down but they are the other side of the garden away from her – poor thing :(

  6. Andrew says:

    Just stumbled across your blog and sad to see the chaffinch. As others have said, looks ill to me sadly. Good blog. Andrew

  7. Shazza says:

    Thanks for dropping by Andrew – I’m hoping my next post will be of a happier note!

  8. Chris says:

    Yeh she does not look that fine but maybe she was only cold and fluffed her feathers! Who knows… Cool that the brambling is still there and still we would love to see the pictures ;-)

  9. Shazza says:

    Unfortunately Chris, she was not well at all :( She ended up being really lethargic and falling asleep on the ground – haven’t seen her now since Sunday so I’m hoping she’s died – awful thing to say but at least she won’t be suffering anymore.
    On a different subject – Chris you definitely don’t want to see those picture of the Brambling, believe me!!

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