Take One……

Take one garden hedgerow with luscious red berries and what do you get?

Four Song Thrushes all getting along great :)

Take one apple, stick it on a cane next to the hedge and what do you get?

Two males and one female Blackcap – a first for this garden :)

Take one housing estate with a bit of grass and what do you get?

Three Lapwings feeding merrily – oblivious to the passing cars and people :)

Take one ground feeding table, fill it with seed and what do you get?

About 9 million pigeons – okay so I’m exaggerating, there were really 7 – you can almost see the pleasure in their eyes :)

AND we had a Yellowhammer in the garden this morning with a flock of Chaffinches :) Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me (when will I learn?) but I’m ready for next time it decides to come back!

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2 Responses to Take One……

  1. Warren says:

    Blimey Sharon, 3 Blackcaps! excellent, and a Yellowhammer, thats just a bit greedy :-)

  2. ShySongbird says:

    A Yellowhammer in the garden!!! I think I need to move house, I never get anything as exciting as that :( I haven’t even seen the Blackcaps here yet although to be fair it is usually after Christmas when they visit my garden.

    That first photo of the Song Thrush is particularly nice. What a strange place to see a Lapwing!

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