…kind of! One of my projects for this year was to create a butterfly garden, meaning I wanted to dedicate an area of our garden to butterflies.

So, last weekend I got started. The sun was out, we had a gorgeous blue sky and we had plants already bought & waiting to be planted.

We decided the butterfly garden (although pollinator would be a better description as I’m also planting bee friendly flowers) would be 4 raised beds on our small lawn.

raised beds

So, first I had to dig them out… with a little help from Xena (our rescue dog πŸ™‚ )

digging over grass
raised bed with compost
Dog digging

And of course the gardener’s friend was never far away, waiting for worms…

robin on raised bed
robin on soil

That was enough for me for one day… my back was killing! So the next day was the day for planting πŸ™‚

I’ve done a bit of research with regards to planning a butterfly garden – flowers they are attracted to etc. and realised that in order to have a lot of butterflies, we also needed to have host plants i.e. plants for the caterpillars.

So, along with the Buddleia, Lavender and Foxgloves that we already have, we also bought a few herbs… Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Mint, Oregano – all of which will be left to flower and not used for cooking (much to my other half’s dismay!)

plants & herbs for planting in beds

I also moved a few of the Primulas and Bellis from the window boxes to the first raised bed. This was just so the garden had a few flowers already in bloom to help any early pollinators. It’s important to have plants that flower at different times of the year, so nectar is available from early spring through to late autumn.

primulas and bellis in bed with herbs

I remember last year the Snapdragons attracted so many bees, and they haven’t actually died off (due to our winter being really mild this year) so I also moved them from the containers into the raised beds.

snapdragons with thyme

Unfortunately we only had enough plants for one of the beds. A few of the plants I want to buy, Verbena, Phlox, Scabious, Black-eyed Susans, Globe Thistle, Phacelia still aren’t in stock, and with the lockdown happening in both the UK and here in Ireland now, it might be a while before I can buy any more. But at least one of the beds is kind of done!

butterfly garden

The good news is, 4 days after planting this bed we had a Small Tortoiseshell and a Peacock butterfly land on the Primulas.

small tortoiseshell butterfly
peacock butterfly

I was so excited & can’t wait for the warmer, sunnier weather now πŸ™‚