More New Feeders!

With the arrival of the Sparrowhawk (which I haven’t seen again since the last time I posted :( ), and the ever-present cat from next door, I decided it was time to provide a bit more protection for the little ones!

So, I’ve bought a guard for the ground feeder.  So far, only the Robin and 3 Blackcaps (2 males & 1 female, happy days :) ) have ventured into it.

Another reason for the purchase was to keep the Pigeons & Starlings from eating everything! Although, one Pigeon has discovered that his neck will fit through the holes to reach the food!

It is quite funny watching the Starlings trying to work out how they can get to the food inside – we’re thinking of attaching string or something to the lid to see how long it takes them to figure out if they pull the string, the lid will open & they’ll be able to get inside :)

I’ve also bought a large fat ball feeder, which is currently hanging up on the corner of the bungalow…..

…..some sunflower hearts, and a window feeder which I’ve stuck on the patio door.

Nothing has come onto the window feeder at all, but I put it there on the off chance that a member of the Tit family may pass by & spot it!  I am debating whether to move it to the front window (my office window) as there are a couple of Blue Tits that flit through the hedge at the front on a daily basis.  Only thing is I work from home & I might not get any work done at all if it’s on my window ;-)

I’m currently completing the Birdwatch Ireland Garden Bird survey, which runs for 13 weeks – I do it every year, and I must say so far this time it has been the worst ever!!  I’m in the 4th week, and have only had a grand total of 15 different species in the garden! I can’t even include the Sparrowhawk as I’ve not seen it since starting the survey :(

I never thought I’d say it, but please hurry up & snow -I want to see Redwings, Fieldfares and Long Tailed Tits in my garden!

I need another 7 species in the garden to beat last years total….. and only 10 days to do it in!

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6 Responses to More New Feeders!

  1. warren says:

    Doesn’t look good for wintery weather this end of the year Shaz :-( Still time for you to get a few more species into the garden though, good luck :-)

  2. Yoke says:

    Congrats to the birds with the new feeders. When I was 11, I got a little window feeder, a very rustic little birdtable. My homework suffered as a result though. I would sit there and watch my birds.

    I need another 5 species to beat last year specie total. I’m currently at 18. Also waiting for the Redwings, Meadow Pipits, etc. Do I want the snow back? For those birds, I do. But do I want to be locked into the house again, without access to the garden, the village, and independence? No. Besides, I’m more concerned that my homehelps won’t be able to get here. Then I’d be really stuck.
    We can still dream, Shazz.

  3. Phil Sharp says:

    I agree, some really cold weather would certainly liven things up. Good to get some Blackcaps at this time of year, no sign of them here.

  4. Shazza says:

    Hi All – Thanks for the comments. Funnily enough, about 2 hours after I posted the photos I spotted the Sparrowhawk again :) And a Redpoll visited the ground feeder – so I’m hoping I may still reach my target yet!

  5. ShySongbird says:

    Hi Sharon : ) Just popped over to thank you so much for your Christmas greetings and concern, it was really sweet of you to think of me. I am starting to feel a bit like a naughty schoolgirl who has stayed off school for too long!! So will be back blogging very soon, I never intended to be away this long.

    I have been keeping an eye on yor blog and enjoying your posts. I am so envious of you seeing Redpolls in the garden, I don’t see them anywhere let alone in my garden…you are lucky!

    Thanks again Sharon, hope you are having a lovely Christmas an that 2012 will be good for you. Wishing you good health and much happiness.
    Jan x

  6. Shazza says:

    Hi Jan – it was lovely to hear from you, thanks for replying :)
    I’m glad to hear that you’re on the mend & I can’t wait to see your photos/posts again soon.
    Happy New Year!

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