Bird of Prey = Yay!

Over the past week or so I kept catching glimpses of the tail end of a bird as it left the garden – I wasn’t quite sure what it was, although it did look kind of bird of preyish (or maybe I was hoping!).

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce we’ve now had a definite sighting of a Sparrowhawk sitting in our garden – yay :D   To be honest I’ve never seen one up close before & thought they were a bit bigger than the one we have.  Its visited us twice now in the last 4 days, each time taking me by surprise which is why there are no photos!

I’ve now made it my mission to get a shot (with the camera ;) ) of this gorgeous bird – of course, the Sparrows aren’t happy but I’d much rather a Sprawk get them than next door’s cat :( !

Watch this space…..

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3 Responses to Bird of Prey = Yay!

  1. warren says:

    Oh Shaz!! I dont know whether to be happy for you or not :-) If your sparrowhwk visits as much as mine does, it’s the only bird you’ll see in the garden! Good luck with getting him on the camera anyway. A tip is, that they normally alight on the same place whenever they do stop :-)

  2. Shazza says:

    Thanks Warren – that’s a handy tip to know, might make it a bit easier for me to photograph it :)
    I know Sparrow numbers are in decline but we have a flock of 35+ that monopolise all the feeders, so it would be nice to control that with the Sprawk every so often……as long as it doesn’t get the Robin :(

  3. Yoke says:

    Looking forward to pictures, Shaz. Trouble will be that the Sprawk will need feeding (on your Birds, unfortunately) even more in winter.

    It does explain perhaps why your garden seemed so silent and empty. It might have been hanging around for some time already, leaving your Birds very anxious. I agree that it would be better to give the Sprawk a full stomach, rather than the visiting cat which had just had its tea at home. He/she doesn’t need to eat in your garden.

    Wish you luck in caturing the Sprawk on (digital) film!

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