I’ve got a bit impatient…. I’m bored of winter now, bored of the cold weather, of the frost… I want Spring to arrive!

So, in preparation for the breeding season (for birds, that is ;)), we’ve put up a nest box with camera!  Being as we had no wall to fix it to, my other half had the ingenius idea of buying & cementing a fencepost into the soil and fixing the nest box to the top of it.

It’s positioned as close to the hedge as possible to provide cover and it’s not facing the sun. The good news is that it is facing our kitchen window – happy days πŸ™‚

Obviously once it gets a bit closer to breeding season we’re going to be re-positioning the feeders so they’re not as close to the nest box.  I’m so excited about the camera aspect of it … aint technology brilliant?! πŸ™‚