New Years Day!

Happy New Year (in case you’ve not heard it enough!).  I thought I’d start 2011 as I mean to go on and post a photo of another new bird feeding in our garden today :)

I’m thinking Meadow Pipit (Warren? ;) )

Okay – female Reed Bunting it is! Thanks Warren :)

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6 Responses to New Years Day!

  1. Warren says:

    Not quite Shazza :-) This ones a female Reed Bunting. Note the patterned face. Another species i have to envy you for having in the garden, In fact, I rarely get them on my patch!!

    Well done :-)

  2. Shazza says:

    Thanks Warren :) Reed Bunting never even occurred to me even though I’ve taken plenty of photos of them in the past!! Still, it’s the first time one has been in our garden so I’m still happy :)
    Thanks again.

  3. yoke says:

    Have a good 2011 too, Shazza.

    The Reed Bunting is a good start for you. We used to get them back in 2006/7. Difficult to pick out among the, then, large Gang of Sparrows. (before Trichomoniasis hit the Gang.)
    I hope you get to check of one or more birds on your wishlist.
    Take care. yoke.

  4. Chris says:

    happy new year to you too, and I agree with Warren on the ID ;-) Not so easy those warblers when we do not know them ;-)

  5. Eric Dempsey says:

    Hi Shazza,
    a quick email to say hello. Just discovered your site. Reads very well and some nice images too. I will check it out more often now that I have discovered it. If you ever need any help with bird id, email me. I would be quite happy to help. Happy birding in 2011,

  6. Shazza says:

    Hi Eric – thanks for your comment, you’re very kind!
    Happy New Year & Birding to you too :)

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