New Plan

My plan isn’t working!  The idea was that now I’m working from home I would have more time to watch the birds in the back garden and I promised myself I would be posting on here every week- unfortunately it’s not turning out that way :-(

So my new plan is to post at least twice a month instead AND I’ll try to be a bit more active on the blogs I follow (which I must admit I’ve not had time to visit for a few weeks now – sorry!)

So, my first post of August is about new birds in & above my garden – both seen this morning.

This young Pied Wagtail was taking a drink out of the guttering (even though there was a perfectly good bowl of water on the garden!)

The next 2 shots were taken after hearing a screeching above the garden – it was quite high up circling into the grey mist so photos are not very good – but it’s my first ones of a Buzzard (or at least I’m assuming it’s a Buzzard)!

I’ve also seen fleeting glimpses of a Willow Warbler in the hedge outside my office window so I’m hoping to have photos of that for my next post (whenever that may be!)

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5 Responses to New Plan

  1. Warren says:

    C’mon Sharron, Bugger the work get wildlifing!!!!

  2. Shazza says:

    If only I could Warren! ;-)

  3. Chris says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I think I’ve learnt that one can not really plan anything in terms of pictures and blog ;-) Whatever the number of post you will publish we will still be happy to follow you ;-)

  4. yoke says:

    Hi Sharon,

    hope you like WordPress. So in a way you are swapping with Siobhan, who now is on Blogger!

    Love your pictures again.

    is your desk in front of a window? just place the camera in the window sill or desk, and whenever you look out, have the camera ready to take photos of those lovely birds!

    I have my camera in my window where I work, and it is hard to keep focussed on work with all those wings flying about you, but do look out now and then!

    You just need to find a new rhythm.

  5. Shazza says:

    Hi Yoke – I’m sorry but I’ve only just seen your comment! Thanks for the advice – my desk is in front of a window but unfortunately it’s at the other side of the house away from the back garden & the bird feeders! I like your idea of keeping the camera in the window though – I might buy one of those window feeders just to see what I get at the front of the house. Do you work from home too then? I’m getting used to it now :)

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