This is the ground tray literally 1 minute after putting out seed!

No fear of declining House Sparrow numbers on our road then :-)

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4 Responses to Hungry?!

  1. warren baker says:

    Good to see so many young ones in that flock :-)

  2. Chris says:

    Wow that’s quite impressive and incredible… Looks like your restaurant is good ;-)

  3. Jan says:

    Hi Sharon, I missed the previous two posts due to not updating my sidebar with your new address but I have rectified that now.

    Glad the Hedgehog recovered after your ministrations.

    Those Sparrows certainly like their dining table! I don’t see anywhere near as many in my garden as I used to.

  4. siobhan says:

    Hey sharon, I’ve got about 16 house sparrows out the back of my garden. They were eating a feeder of seeds each day and it was too expensive! So now there’s just a mesh feeder with peanuts which they also seem happy with – which is good cos the peanuts are cheaper and seem to last longer. I’ll get them some seeds again though as theres more nutrients for them in the seeds.
    Great photo of the HS’s at your seed feeder.

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