Happy Winter!

Woke up this morning to about 3 inches of snow – what a pleasant surprise!  After re-filling all the feeders and clearing some of the snow off the garden, we decided to take a walk down to the beach.  The sun was out and it was a gorgeous morning – not too many people about either!

This is an old ruin in a field we have to cross to get to the lane to the beach – you can just see the sea in the background.  The wires running behind are for the train (the Dart) which runs to Dublin.

The picture below shows the walk we took – the council have put a fenced corridor through the farmer’s field to allow access to the walk.  The original path went along the cliff (to the right of the photo) but this is now closed off due to land slippage / erosion.

It was lovely walking through the field, there was a mixed flock of Finches and Tree Sparrows which kept landing in the field to feed before settling on top of the hedgerows in front of us.

Also spotted this male Reed Bunting which was feeding with them.

There was another bird was with it but ID’ing is not my strong point especially on brown streaky birds! ;)   Thinking maybe a Meadow Pipit as I don’t think its a female Reed Bunting – not sure though so suggestions would be appreciated!

This little Blue Tit was also flitting about the grasses – unfortunately every shot I took of it had a stalk in front of it :(

Apparently there’s more snow forecast this week so we’ve stocked up on bird food, suet, nuts and fruit – at least the birds will be eating well!  The garden was full this afternoon of the regulars but we also had 4 Chaffinches down feasting.  One good thing about bad weather is that it brings new birds to the garden :)

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9 Responses to Happy Winter!

  1. Chris says:

    Wow excellent… So tell me, why are we not getting any snow in Iceland, while everybody else does ;-) Nice sighting you got there. I would have loved to see these birds this week end…

  2. ShySongbird says:

    Hi Sharon, you have some lovely chilly photos here ;) It looks a great place to walk!

    Lovely to see the birds which the weather is bringing your way. I think your bird may be a Tree Pipit, I did wonder about a female Reed Bunting but think I will tentatively plump for Tree Pipit. I think your best bet though is to nip over and ask Warren to take a look, he will definitely know!

  3. ShySongbird says:

    Ignore that Sharon, I don’t think it can be a Tree Pipit as they should have migrated by now! Best advice…ask Warren :)

  4. ShySongbird says:

    Me again Sharon :) I think it must be a Meadow Pipit, the only reason I was hesitant about that was because I have some coming up on my next post and yours looks slightly different but I think it is because mine are feeding on the ground and yours, being on a post, shows more of the pale colouring underneath than mine.

  5. Shazza says:

    Thanks ShySongbird :) I was thinking Meadow Pipit myself but am hopeless with LBJs! 3 comments for the price of 1 – you did make me smile :) .
    I look forward to seeing your post later.
    Thanks Chris – I’m still waiting for the Waxwings to appear!

  6. Warren says:

    Hi Sharon,
    You and Songbird were quite right to ID the bird as a Meadow Pipit, more confidence in your skills is needed I think :-)

    The Tree Sparrow has two female Reed Buntings with it :-)

    Well done for thinking of the birds in this cold weather !

  7. Shazza says:

    Thanks Warren – knew we could count on you ;) and thanks ShySongbird for suggesting! I can’t believe I got 2 female Reed Buntings with the Tree Sparrow – just assumed they were Pipits of some kind, think I need to learn more about brown streaky birds!!
    Thanks again all.

  8. Phil says:

    Hi Sharon, yes it is definitely a Meadow Pipit and my advice would be to stick to a nyjer feeder but I am surprised the Goldfinch didn’t use it but Siskin definitely will, and maybe Redpoll.

  9. Shazza says:

    Thanks Phil – think I will try the Nyger seed again, would love to get a Redpoll!

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