cows lying in field

Have you ever looked at a cow & think ‘wow, you’re a great contortionist!’? No, me neither… until the other day πŸ™‚

The farmer is trying something new – instead of just leaving the cows in one field allowing them to graze the whole field wherever they want, he’s now partitioning off sections of field with the electric fence and gradually moving the fence further along.

I suppose this means all areas of grass are completely munched through rather than the cows leaving patches here & there.

So, I watched a cow the other lunchtime do an impression of a limbo dancer trying to reach the good stuff on the other side of the fence…

cow in field
I’m just standing here… not doing anything… honest!
cow eating grass under fence
Ooooh look at that lush green grass there!
cow eating grass under fence
Just a little bit more…

The above photos are heavily cropped so the quality is poor, as is the one below which shows how close the cow’s back is to the electric fence…

cow under electric fence
That’s shocking grass!

He must really have wanted that grass πŸ™‚