small tortoiseshell butterfly

Living next to a farm you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s not only birds who visit our garden… other regulars also include shrews, woodmouse, rats, rabbits and hares. We’ve also seen a fox in the field out back although from a distance & we’ve not yet been lucky enough to capture it on camera.

So I thought I’d include a “bird-free” post in my blog, dedicated to the animals mentioned above πŸ™‚

I’m lucky that I run my own business and work from home every day. This means I can be flexible as to when I can take a break & go outside with my camera.

I actually have 2 workspaces… one is in the “snug” which looks out onto the side garden where we have the bird feeders, hydrangea shrubs and daffodils. This is also where we’ll shortly be planting a carpet of bee friendly wild flowers.

Hydrangea bush

My other “main” office is at the back of the cottage and overlooks the fields and farm buildings. It can be a bit distracting when I see “things” moving out the corner of my eye… I just HAVE to take a look!

rabbits in field

An added benefit (for us but not them!) of having the rabbits & hares close by is that we often have Buzzards overhead… and if I hear Buzzards calling then I just HAVE to take a look πŸ™‚

Buzzard landing in tree
Buzzard landing

This might also explain the skull – mentioned in this earlier blog post – we found when we were digging up the daffodil patch. We thought it was a rat skull but have since been informed it’s actually a rabbit skull!

We’ve recently spotted a woodmouse feeding with the birds under where the nut feeder hangs. I actually don’t mind rodents, so I won’t be doing anything to deter them. My logic is that as long as they have access to a food source outside then they’ve no need to come inside our house!

Woodmouse in front of Yellowhammers
Woodmouse in the foreground, Yellowhammers in the background

This shy mouse has been clever and is using a hole in the ground – where the bird feeder pole used to be – as a bolt-hole. So he’ll come out from behind the old tree stump, scurry to under the bird feeders, grab some seed & scarper back to the small hole to eat! You can just see the back of his head & ears poking out the hole in the photo below…

Mouse coming out of the hole
Well, hello there Mousey!

I’ve also seen a rat hanging on the nut feeder so my next mission is to get a decent photo of that, along with a shot of the tiny shrew that I’ve seen scurrying back & forth out back… watch this space πŸ™‚