Over the past week or so I kept catching glimpses of the tail end of a bird as it left the garden – I wasn’t quite sure what it was, although it did look kind of bird of preyish (or maybe I was hoping!).

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce we’ve now had a definite sighting of a Sparrowhawk sitting in our garden – yay πŸ˜€  To be honest I’ve never seen one up close before & thought they were a bit bigger than the one we have.  Its visited us twice now in the last 4 days, each time taking me by surprise which is why there are no photos!

I’ve now made it my mission to get a shot (with the camera ;)) of this gorgeous bird – of course, the Sparrows aren’t happy but I’d much rather a Sprawk get them than next door’s cat :(!

Watch this space…..