Take one garden hedgerow with luscious red berries and what do you get?

Four Song Thrushes all getting along great πŸ™‚

Take one apple, stick it on a cane next to the hedge and what do you get?

Two males and one female Blackcap – a first for this garden πŸ™‚

Take one housing estate with a bit of grass and what do you get?

Three Lapwings feeding merrily – oblivious to the passing cars and people πŸ™‚

Take one ground feeding table, fill it with seed and what do you get?

About 9 million pigeons – okay so I’m exaggerating, there were really 7 – you can almost see the pleasure in their eyes πŸ™‚

AND we had a Yellowhammer in the garden this morning with a flock of Chaffinches πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me (when will I learn?) but I’m ready for next time it decides to come back!