Meet Colin

He’s lovely! Of course, I don’t know if he’s a he or a she, but he looks like a Colin :)

He appeared in our garden yesterday morning, obviously lost his way and literally ran to the pile of seed & water that we left on the patio.  He’s really very tame and is not that bothered by us at all.

He’s been down twice so far today, feeds, has a quick drink then flies up to our roof where he falls asleep!  Luckily for him there aren’t any birds of prey nearby (none that I’ve seen anyway).

I know we probably shouldn’t encourage him, but he is gorgeous & obviously hungry / thirsty.  We spoke to someone we know who has racing pigeons & he said whoever he belongs to won’t want him back now as he’s no good, being as he got lost.  He has something wrong with his left eye (looks like a cataract), I’m assuming (or rather hoping) he’ll integrate into a flock of feral pigeons, we get a fair few in the garden.

But for the time being, he’s very welcome here :)

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Oh no not again!

Firstly I must apologise for not posting on here since April – my business is coming to it’s 1st year anniversary & I’ve been busy preparing for exciting things :)

I have still been visiting all of your blogs though, even though my commenting has also been a bit slack ;)

Anyway, as the title suggests, the trichomonosis has returned – this time to a Greenfinch.  I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong – all the feeders are cleaned regularly, the garden was completely tidied up after last time, so why has it come back again?

What makes it worse is that I’ve been putting out food for the past month and the garden is full of fledgling House Sparrows and Starlings, I don’t know how long the Greenfinch has been around – I only spotted it the other day – so is there any chance any of the fledglings would have caught it?

Maybe I should just give up on this garden & stop feeding altogether – can anyone offer me any advice?

Anyway, as I mentioned above, the fledglings have taken over – particularly the Starlings (the family in our roof have now left the building!), and the garden sounds like one big nursery :)

Juvey Starlings rummaging for apple


Unfortunately nothing has been anywhere near our nest box – which might be a good thing if there’s diseased birds around.

We’ve also had young Goldfinches, Coal Tits, Linnets and 4 baby Wrens (which were extremely cute and too quick to photograph!)

Adult House Sparrows busy stocking up!

Baby Sparrows having a bit of a dust bath!

One of four young Goldfinches that visit most days

Adult Goldfinch

Some of you might not agree with this or cringe at the photos, but we thought it was funny, and don’t mind having another garden visitor :)

Greenfinch feeding in the foreground, but what's that feeding on the "fat bell" in the background?

Yep, we have a rat!  We thought we’d seen one over the winter behind the shed, well now it’s showing itself during the day, hiding in the hedge and feeding on the fat left over in the bell – which the birds haven’t touched since we put it out!  And before people start blaming us for encouraging rats by having bird seed on the ground etc etc, I suggest taking a look at our neighbours back garden with 3 wheelie bins always overflowing (and I mean ALWAYS)!!  Anyway rant over, sorry ;)

So, that’s whats been happening chez Shazza – seriously though I would appreciate any advice regarding the disease as I just don’t know what to do.

Thanks :)



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Being as today is rather grey and a bit damp & gloomy, I thought I’d post a couple of pics of the colourful flowers which currently brighten our day :)

The flowers on the Broad Beans that we planted have started to open up now, can’t wait for them to be in full bloom as they’re lovely.

There’s still no interest in our nest box, but we’ve started getting a bit more activity in the garden now, the Collared Doves are down every day & a couple of Greenfinches are making regular appearances :) The photo below was a bit rushed, but is the Greenfinch perched on the wire a young one, or a female?  (I didn’t even realise the Coal Tit was in the shot when I took it :) )

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Four Days Later…..

I thought I’d give a little update as to what’s been happening since the re-introduction of the food!

Firstly, we had our first fledgling of the year in the garden this morning!  I thought it was a bit too early but the Sparrows obviously think differently!  This little fella was waiting in the bushes & being fed by the male.  Not a very good photo I’m afraid, but there’s plenty of time for more ;)

Also had a Greenfinch appear (just the one, so maybe the female is sitting), and one Coal Tit keeps coming down for Sunflower seeds.

This Blue Tit was in a tree behind a neighbours garden, didn’t make it into ours.

The tumble dryer fluff is a definite winner – this is all that’s left after 4 days…

Plenty of warm lined nests somewhere then :)

Unfortunately, still nothing has shown an interest in our nest box – I’m not sure if we’ll get anything in it as it’s getting on now & most birds will already be in nests – fingers crossed though!  Watch this space :)

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Open for business!

Hello again – how are we all?

After a loooong 6 weeks of not feeding the birds, I’m happy to say that “Chez Shazza” is open for business :)

We’ve had a complete clean-up of the garden, chopped back straggly bushes, planted veg and stocked up on all bird food, and the feeders went out last weekend!

The House Sparrows were the first ones back & very welcome they were too! Four days in and it’s as though they never went away :)   Unfortunately I wish the same could be said for the rest.  The Blue Tits completely disappeared, as has the Robin – which I’m deeply disappointed about as it took so long for him to find the garden last year :(

A couple of Coal Tits have been flitting around the bushes though, grabbing tiny insects, and we still have the Starlings – a couple of them have started nesting in our roof & it’s quite fun to watch them collecting bits of dried grass & long twigs.

Due to the lack of smaller birds in the garden, we’ve opened up the nest box to the largest size hole, so Sparrows can now get in.  Fingers crossed, something will take an interest in it – so far nothing has, apart from a Blackbird landing on top of it & using it as a lookout perch whilst his missus fed in the garden ;)

Oh, I almost forgot, we have a pair of Goldfinches down every day feeding on the nyger seed too, so that’s always lovely to see!  I don’t think the Redpolls will be back though – not sure where they go, probably to the fields.

We’ve also packed all the fluff from the tumble dryer into a fat square feeder for the birds to use as nesting material – they are loving it!  The Coal Tits keep grabbing bits from it, and this morning I caught a Sparrow helping herself to large pieces of it & flying off, presumably to her nest.

Don’t you just love Spring :)


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