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Winter Wonderland

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Sorry it’s a bit belated!) We awoke yesterday morning to a winter wonderland and a menagerie of feathered friends! What a nice way to start 2010! We took a walk to our local woods (Knocksink Woods) which … Continue reading

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Corvids are Cool!

Today is a definite duvet day, given the terrible weather outside! So I thought I would use this as an excuse to post about my favourite family of birds – the Corvids. Although I love all birds, there is something … Continue reading

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I love Magpies, I think they are one of our most beautiful and charasmatic birds. I don’t believe in any of that superstitious twoddle and think they get a lot of bad press (undeservedly)!Yes, they may take chicks but that’s … Continue reading

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I awoke to the sound of machine guns this morning! No, war hadn’t broken out overnight…..the noise was from 6 Magpies “shooting” at each other! This is fine at 7.45am on an ordinary week day when I have to get … Continue reading

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