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Hard Hat Required!

Awoke this morning to a sprinkling of snow (thought Spring was supposed to be here now?), so I thought I’d go back to Knocksink Woods to see what was around. Along the main walkway leading up to the woods, the … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory

I’ve come to the conclusion that my garden visitors (aka birds) are conspiring against me! Example 1 Whilst washing the breakfast pots this morning, 2 (not 1 but 2) Goldcrests decided to chase each other up and down the branch … Continue reading

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Well, the peanut butter is still intact (untouched!) but the good news is that 5 Long Tailed Tits passed through the garden this morning, so at least I know they’re still around AND there were 2 Goldcrests chasing each other … Continue reading

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I awoke to the sound of machine guns this morning! No, war hadn’t broken out overnight…..the noise was from 6 Magpies “shooting” at each other! This is fine at 7.45am on an ordinary week day when I have to get … Continue reading

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