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Well, I’ve tried everything today… cheese… coconut… apple… seed… nuts… raisins…. the birds have more of a selection than I do! I had a couple of the Chaffinches come back (though fleetingly!), and the Robin was still doing his Hummingbird … Continue reading

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Where are they?

Has anybody else noticed a shortage of activity at the feeders this weekend? I don’t know if the birds know something I don’t but the only activity on the feeders this weekend has been the ever reliable Robin!Not a titter … Continue reading

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Had 3 Jackdaws on the fat ball feeder today (2 adults & 1 juvenile) – actually looked quite comical seeing these huge birds trying to cling on to the small bars! Will cost me a fortune in fat balls though, … Continue reading

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Peanut the Foxcub

We’re lucky to have 2 Foxcubs visit us every evening. One of them, the dog, we’ve named Peanut as this is what he loves to eat! He comes at 6pm (on the dot) every day and sits quietly waiting for … Continue reading

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Visitors to our back garden

We’ve been lucky enough to have family of 5 Jays visit every day since June, the juveniles are quite cute and inquisitive, although still wary. They are very noisy though and tend to scare off the smaller birds…still not everyone … Continue reading

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