Lucky Day

Today was a good day! Firstly we were greeted with this when we awoke….
Yes, we do actually have blue skies in Ireland! And it forecasts it to be like this all next week!  It is true that sunny days automatically puts you in a good mood.

So, with the sun above us and the birds chirping away, we put up our new feeders….
and within 15 minutes we had our first Goldfinch visit us (in fact we had 3!)
It didn’t take the Starlings too long to sample the menu either!
We spent the morning in the garden planting flowers and veg (beans & salad) and there was one Starling that wasn’t at all bothered by us and carried on munching away as if we weren’t there!
The more time I spend in the garden the more I love it!
Then I got really lucky and won on the Grand National!
I must thank AP McCoy for my €200!!  I wouldn’t normally encourage gambling but I think I may have to bet on the US Masters just to see!
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