Home Sweet Home

We’ve been here now for a few weeks and settling in quite nicely!  After looking around the neighboring hedgerows/fences/gardens etc I’ve spotted a couple of nest sites.
One is definitely being used by House Sparrows, its in a hole in the eaves of the house opposite our back garden and there is constant activity going on – good job there is now a new food source for them ready for the chicks!
Picture quality is a bit poor due to the fact they were taken through slatted blinds, trying not to appear too suspicious pointing a camera at what could be mistaken for the bedroom window!

The next site is the house next door to the one above that looks like it had a Swallows or House martins nest under the eaves.  You never know they may return to build a new nest!
The 3rd site is our house that we put up at the side of our ivy covered shed.  We know it’s a Robin nest box but in fairness we weren’t to know there are no Robins in the neighbourhood! I’m hoping that maybe a Wren or Dunnock may use it, I know I’m being overly optimistic but again you just never know!
We’re also thinking of securing the empty coconut shell deep in the hedge for the Wren, not sure if it is a bit too open for it but something may use it.
Watch this space!
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7 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. The Early Birder says:

    Interesting recycling use for the coconut shell….be watching to see how that goes Sharon.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Hi Sharon…that is a fabulous idea using a coconut shell. Something that never occured to me.

  3. Chris says:

    You got a very nice surrounding for birds nesting, now you just have to wait for the birds ;-)

  4. Life in Egypt says:

    See someone has been busy with the gringer a neat way to open the coconut will try one with a 1 1/2" hole see if the sparrows will nest in it after eating its contents.

  5. Phil says:

    That box looks in an ideal situation for a Robin – let's hope some recognise a good pad when they see one.

  6. Yoke, says:

    Lots of promise, Sharon.

    Think of hanging the shell in the Ivy, to make it more covered, perhaps?

    Many of those certain specie-boxes get used by others, and it would not surprise me if other species try it out. As long as it is an attractive spot!

  7. Jenny says:

    Surely a Robin will be visiting you soon Sharon! Surely!!! (-: Nice to see nesting activity around you new home. I hope you have luck with your bird house and coconut!

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