Thanks for my ‘Firsts’

Well, tonight is our last night in this house – we move tomorrow to a new property with a new garden & I must admit I’m quite excited!
I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the ‘firsts’ of things I’ve seen since living here.
Even though the back garden is small, I love it! I love the fact it backs onto a wooded area where I saw my first fox cub “Peanut” – I’ll never forget how chuffed I was when I first saw him and his 2 siblings eat the chopped apple I’d thrown out for the birds!

I’ll also never forget the thrill of seeing my first Jay eat peanuts in our garden! This is a bird I’d only heard calling in a wood back home, I’d never actually seen how beautiful it was, so I was thrilled when we had a family of 5 visit our garden every day (this all seems like so long ago now!)

Then there’s Cyril, the Badger, again something I’d never seen (alive!) who visited us every night for peanuts and whatever leftovers we threw out there – he absolutely adored peanut butter!
(apologies photos aren’t the best!)
I saw my first (wild) Rat too – okay so I know some of you won’t class that as necessarily a good thing but I think it’s brilliant!  I’ve even discovered the hole which it climbs into with food – I’m sure there’s probably babies in there somewhere!

Again, birdwise I’ve seen my first Redwing in the garden (okay it was hiding behind ferns but it was still there!) and my first Lesser Redpoll – I’m not going to bother posting photos of these again as neither were very good!

So, all in all, I will miss this garden or more to the point the wildlife within it!  I actually do feel sad when I think that the birds won’t have anybody feeding them until new tenants move in & I’ve no idea how long that will be.

I know I shouldn’t but tomorrow I’m going to throw anything I can find out for the birds & rat as a goodbye present – the only good thing is that the weather seems to be warming up slightly so they should be okay, after all they managed before we moved in……… and I can’t really leave them a forwarding address!

My next post should be from the new house & new garden which looks like a little haven for garden birds….. ivy covered shed… lots of bushes… hedges… trees… I can’t wait!
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