Tonight I was looking through photos of the last house we lived in & ended up missing it quite badly (even though I wasn’t that fussed when we left!).
Reason for missing it? The back garden – I know we have a kind of wooded area at the moment but I miss the ‘normal’ suburban back garden, with the Starlings and the Sparrows etc etc (okay I may have had a couple of glasses of red wine at this point)!
So anyway, this post is dedicated to our old back garden (apologies but all of these photos were taken with my old camera and through windows!) ……

We planted a ‘wild flower meadow’ in our back garden, neighbours may have thought it was ‘messy’ but nature loved it! I really miss the colours now – I can’t wait for Spring/Summer to arrive properly!
We put up a wooden bird feeder on the side of the shed which the Sparrows loved – only thing was the Starlings also loved it when it rained to shelter in!
The summer before we moved we started getting a Goldfinch with a deformed claw (who I named Gripper to go with Stumpy the Starling!)
Unfortunately we moved house before I could really monitor ‘Gripper’, so I’ve no idea what happened to him (or her).
I’m actually looking forward to moving house again just to see what other birds I can get back in the garden!
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