Diseased Chaffinch?

We have a flock of around 7 Chaffinches who come into our garden every day, the other week I noticed one of the females had something wrong with her foot. I thought it was a clump of mud & seed stuck around her claws but after trying to focus on it (unsuccessfully), I realised there were lots of what appear to be little cysts.
Does anybody know what has caused this?

She wouldn’t stand still long enough for a clear shot!

She seems to be well & has no difficulty keeping with the flock & feeding, I’m just curious to know what this is & whether it would be contagious to the other birds?

On a brighter note we finally had our first Siskin in the garden today – a female all by herself. I did scan the surrounding trees/scrub but couldn’t see any more of them.

The rat was also very active today and kept scurrying across to the crumbs of stale cake!

And of course, the Robin not wanting to be left out of the photos!

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