Big Garden Birdwatch

This weekend is the RSPB’s Garden Birdwatch survey – unfortunately I can’t do it as I now live in Ireland, even though I have TOLD my mum to do it in the UK!! Over here, Birdwatch Ireland carry out a similar thing which lasts 13 weeks running from early December through to the end of February, which I’ve been participating in. So far today, the following have all landed and/or fed in our garden:- 2 Robins
4 Great Tits
4 Coal Tits
4 Blue Tits
7 Blackbirds (I’ve never had so many in the garden!)
2 Song Thrushes
2 Dunnocks
6 Chaffinches
6 Long Tailed Tits
2 Magpies
1 Jackdaw
1 Rook
1 Grey Squirrel & 1 Rat
(okay I know the last 2 don’t count!)
There’s still a couple of hours daylight left so I’m still hoping for the Siskin or the Greenfinches to come back. I’ll post the list that my mum does over the weekend so I can see the differences between her garden (which has no grass, is landscaped with a few ferns & has lots of cats in the neighbourhood) and mine (which backs onto a small wooded area, plenty of cover & trees etc).Hmmmm wonder which one will have the most birds?
Not that I’m competitive or anything!

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