I have to say thank you to those who commented on my last post advising me to wear my camera around my neck at all times!
This afternoon I managed to capture (not literally, of course!) my favourite garden bird – the Long Tailed Tit.
There were 3 of them that landed on the nut feeder only to be immediately bullied off by the Blue Tit!
Only got the 1 photo and it’s quite dark but I don’t care – at least they know where my garden is now!
Also managed to get a rather poor shot of the Redwing – it was hiding behind some ferns for a while but I just spotted the “red wing” and waited with my camera poised….

….it emerged about 20 minutes later and the only shot I could get has a branch in front of it!!

Never mind…will keep trying. Things are definitely looking up though!
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