Business or Birdwatching?

How do you choose?
I’m trying to set up my own part time business but I’m easily distracted by the back garden “activities”! My problem is that our office/study overlooks our back garden so, while I’m trying to sort out my marketing strategy, all I can see out the corner of my eye are birds flitting back & forth (admittedly sometimes these are just leaves falling from the trees!).
I’ve tried closing the curtains but that’s even worse, then I hear the birds but can’t see them and I’m thinking what if it’s a bird that hasn’t visited me before?! I’ve even tried setting up the computer in a different room away from the garden, but then I’m thinking about whats in the garden – I can’t win!
So I have a “break”, make myself a cuppa and watch/photograph them for 10 minutes…..of course 2 hours pass by and I’m still watching!
The only motivation I have at the moment is that if i can get my act together and the business takes off, then I can work at home all day every day and watch the garden to my hearts content!
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