Pocket Rockets!

Why does it always seem there’s about 50 Coal Tits in the garden, when there is in fact just 3?
They’re like miniature rockets zipping everywhere!

Can’t complain though, they’re about the only regular visitor we have at the moment (of the feathered kind- Cyril & Peanut are still feeding every night!)
I tried a different tactic and put out a new seed feeder and half coconut in the hope of attracting the birds back…….but not one thing has landed on the seed feeder so far!
The Coal Tit is loving the coconut though and the Robin keeps trying to have a go on it. He seems to think he’s a Humming Bird and just hovers in front of it whilst jabbing his beak in (he’s the one exit stage left in the photo below!)

I’m trying the old “Peanut butter on the tree trunk” trick to see what can be tempted………..
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