New Feeder

I don’t know why but I always feel a nervous anticipation whenever a new feeder is put up in our garden. I sit watching it impatiently waiting for something to land on it, having little bets with myself as to which bird will be the first! It’s usually either the Coal Tit or Robin, but today nothing has ventured onto it, so far.

I hate to admit it but I’ve become complacent when it comes to our wildlife – I’ve been moaning for some weeks now that our garden is empty of all bird life, when in fact the Coal Tits have been down every day. These poor little things have to eat the equivalent of their own body weight in food EVERY DAY and they are rewarded with me sighing….”oh it’s only a Coal Tit”! I forget that 4 years ago I hadn’t ever even seen a Coal Tit before!
I’m so desperate to attract new birds into our garden that I’m beginning to ignore the regular, faithful ones!
How can I forget the Robin who sings his heart out every morning at first light? Or the Blackbirds who keep diving into the undergrowth to eat berries?

Some people have never even seen any of these birds before.

I ought to be grateful for what birds we do get and not impatient for the ones we don’t.
And anyway winter is just around the corner………who knows what that may bring in?!

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