I awoke to the sound of machine guns this morning! No, war hadn’t broken out overnight…..the noise was from 6 Magpies “shooting” at each other! This is fine at 7.45am on an ordinary week day when I have to get up for work but on a Sunday morning – I am not impressed!

Then you hear the sweet melodic tune from the tiny Wren and all is forgiven!
I am sure all birds in my back garden are conspiring against me….I sit and watch with my camera at the ready for hours and……..nothing!
As soon as I put my camera down every bird in the wood appears. It’s like the old Kit Kat advert with the dancing Pandas in the zoo!
Yesterday the Long Tailed Tit came back and fed from the nut feeder…..until I focused on it with my camera. Also saw a small flash of colour darting between the bushes – it finally landed on the big Oak tree outside the bedroom window and I realised it was our first Goldcrest, cute little thing and again flew off before I could reach for the camera. I could almost hear laughter from the Rooks and Jackdaws above!
On a more serious note, I haven’t seen Peanut (the foxcub) for about 3 nights now, I’m still putting out food for him and it’s always gone the next morning, but I suppose that could be anything eating it. Fingers crossed nothing bad has happened to him.
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